MobyCrypt - tokenize your brand

MobyCrypt - Tokenize your brand


MobyCrypt is Token & Cryptocurrency platform. Consist of:

  • Tokens Catalog – connects brands with the customers. Enables contact, deliver the services description. Customers explore the tokens and its use cases. The tokens creators reach the potential audience.
  • Cryptocurrency & Token Exchange – modern trading platform allowing to trade cryptocurrency pais (e.g. BTC – ETH) as well as token-crypto pairs. The exchange has built-in markets creation feature available for tokens creators.
  • Personal Token Creator & Manager – complex tool dedicated for tokens allowing design, creation, distribution, transfer for the service.

Problem to solve

The aim of MobyCrypt was to create platform which will be cryptocurrency trading platform and tokens platform.

The goal was to develop built-in crypto tokens creation feature. Cryptocurrency tokens exist in the Blockchain (e.g. Ethereum blockchain). The problem is to hide interaction with the Blockchain for end user and automate whole process – token smart contract deployment to the network.

The desired feature of the platform was the possibility to create run-time trading markets – just with the single button click. This allows the markets creation for end users of the customer just without any need of technical interaction (manual actions are completely unnecessary).


Spring framework



Technical overview

MobyCrypt trading exchange is sophistcated mechanism based on async communication and processing. Modeled with Domain Driven Design the application model is split per domains and coded as independent services.

Kafka is the messaging system responsible for user orders related data flow.

Data are mostly stored in the relational Postgres database. For performance reasons some of data are cached in Redis.

The database model as well as the logic of the platform were develop to enable runtime trading markets creation. No restart needed, no manual data structure maniuplation needed.

Transaction engine handles up to ~5k transactions per second on single application instance.

Spring framework is used for backend.

Frontend framework is Vue.js with SemanticUI components. Websockets are used in the server communication with RESTful API.
TradingView chart as well as Chart.js are used for data visualisation.

MobyCrypt integrates with the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum node.
Integration with Ethereum node based on Truffle enables programmable smart contract creation (tokens creation).


I recently suspended the project. It's no longer online.