Arbitrium token distribution overview. Is centralized DAO still a DAO?

The distribution of the ARB token implies a 27% allocation of the ARB token to the Arbitrum project team, and 17.53% to investors. Individual portfolios is only 11.62% of the allocation.

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New Greenpeace campaign attacks Bitcoin. Is it legit?

Greenpeace in collaboration with Benjamin Von Wong created a spot, campaign which should rise the awareness about Bitcoin being harmful for the environment. The goal is to convince the audience that…

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FedNow FED payment infrastructure in July 2023

FED announced release of their FedNow Service in July 2023. It's the infrastructure for instant payments between participants like banks, financial institutions or even fintechs.

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Plutus – Cardano web3 solution architecture

Plutus is Cardano's smart contracts platform. We develop web3 solutions for Cardano in Haskell. Cardano is based on EUTXO, as is Bitcoin.

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Cardano – key features of the 3rd generation blockchain

Cardano is built on Haskell and based on the dedicated Ouroboros consensus algorithm. The blockchain's cryptocurrency is ADA.

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Learn about the Chainlink ecosystem features for web3

Chainlink Oracles, data feeds, VRF and automation - these are leading features of Chainlink available for smart contracts and web3

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Data feeds – free data sources for smart contracts

Data feeds are data "produced" by oracles, published on the blockchain, available to be read for free by smart contracts.

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Turn your self hosted Lightning Network node to public in 10 minutes

In this article I will explain how can you setup self hosted Lightning Network (at home or anywhere) to get public (not changing) IP for 5$/month what will make your node public - other nodes will be able to open channels to your node. This is not…

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How I lost 1 year of life doing failed crypto startup

In April 2019 I decided to completely stop developing my cryptocurrency project ending entire year of full time work in failed tech startup which I wanted to create. During that time: I spent about 2200 hours hardcore coding, writing, meeting,…

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Lessons learned from 1400 Bitcoins loss

The recent news about 1400 bitcoins loss caused a lot of buzz: the amount of Bitcoins worth about 16.3 million $, not any kind of exchange hack, all happened using Electrum wallet - one of the oldest and still very popular Bitcoin wallet. I share…

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